What makes an organisation a success?

That is the sort of question that is the equivalent of asking the whereabouts of Lord Lucan, Shergar and the Tooth Fairy! Many different views, perspectives and experiences constantly swirl around about this.

Many organisations are successful, and if you take the time to distil the reasons why this is so, the one thing that emerges is that successful organisation values its people and seeks to develop them in line with current and future training needs. Think Google, Apple and Hilton Group or any organisation that sits in the Sunday Times Best Employers Surveys for example.

Household names and organisations with an exemplary reputation are people-centric and continue to be so, maximising potential as part of a Business As Usual philosophy.

A commitment to training and the development of human capital always delivers competitive advantage and will allow the organisation to weather any storm: this effectively means being able to accept the challenge of the future with confidence and assurance.

Market-leading businesses practice the following for their people development:

  • A clear commitment to training, essential for connecting with the demands and challenges of the strategic environment

  • Conducting an objective and rigorous assessment of training needs

  • Having very clear objectives and a defined policy for training at all levels within the business

  • Establishing a staggered and sequential Plan that systematically builds upon skills, competence and knowledge

  • Specific targeting of those staff groups who are not currently active in the workplace, thereby really harnessing all available expertise

  • Reviewing and evaluating delivery with measurable and objective factors aligned to both individual personal development and organisational efficiency and effectiveness

Springboard is currently working with a national provider of residential services for vulnerable and marginalised young people with challenging issues to deliver a Team Development initiative. Our focus is to drill down into the skills and competencies for managers that will have a direct, positive impact upon service delivery and equip the organisation to grow to meet the challenges of an evolving operational environment.

Contact us for a discussion around how we might help your organisation be future-proof and harness your staff's potential.


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