Returning to work

I hope everyone is feeling refreshed from the bank holiday weekend.

Typical, the sun is shining here now.

Schools and colleges begin opening their doors to start the new academic year.

I know that my daughter is a little apprehensive about what to expect when she returns. A feeling that I am sure is shared not just by kids and young adults but to those returning to work.

When I got back into the swing of things after furlough, it was overwhelming, to say the least. Figuring out how to multitask again while dealing with the changing landscape during COVID that has forced us all into remote working.

Does anyone miss that face to face feeling? Or do you prefer the new way of working?

Everyone must explore new ways of working and learning. This year has driven individuals and organisations to think out of the box, demonstrating that in times of hardship there is nothing like hard work to ensure success.

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