Lifetime Skills Guarantee

The Prime Minister has announced plans for a “Lifetime Skills Guarantee” to boost productivity and help the country ‘build back better’, following the devastation of the Coronavirus. @BorisJohnson hopes to expand lifelong learning and reserve a decline in a decade-long decline in mature learners by transforming the training and skills system, making it fit for the 21st-century economy and helping its recovery.

Free education and training to be provided from April next year for those without an A-Level or equivalent qualification.

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed our economy which is why these long-term plans for closing our skills gaps are so crucial to ensure economic recovery. This is why the government is committed to making higher education more flexible to facilitate lifelong learning, and to make it easy for adults and young people to break up their study into segments, transfer credits between colleges and universities, and enable more part-time study.

Boris Johnson referenced Chancellor Rish Sunak saying “we cannot, alas, save every job. What we can do is give people the skills to find and create new and better jobs.”

Boris continued to say “We’re transforming the foundations of the skills system so that everyone has the chance to train and retrain.”

See the full text of Boris Johnson speech here.

This morning Martin Taft managing director of Springboard Training comments on this opportunity in HR Magazine saying:

Today’s leaders may not be tomorrow’s leaders.

Think about it…

With the unprecedented disruption caused almost overnight by the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses had to adapt and fast.

It would be fair to say that businesses have had to react to restrictions and decisions completely out of their control. This has forced leaders to make huge, fast adjustments to implement quick fixes. With no end in sight, businesses need to look re-evaluate their planned trajectory. Redesigning how and where we work and how its services delivered but, should we also be re-examining our leaders?

So much about leadership is situational. The change in the context of business itself is significantly different from that at the bigging of the year. The right leader or leadership team then might not be what is needed now. This is a time of flux and uncertainty – but it is also the time to seize the opportunity to make positive and long-lasting changes by upskilling our people, inviting and celebrating creativity and new ideas to adapt and see the benefits.

The impact on the economy and the marketplace has instigated or accelerated transformation plans across businesses worldwide. Is this the time for new leaders to emerge? A time for fresh innovate ideas and ways of working? A time Driven by those with the ability to adapt to the latest business disruptions and inspire change within to ensure success.

After all, good leadership is not a one size fits all. Times have changed and that requires us all to adapt. Is this the opportunity for new leaders to shine? A time to welcome fresh thinking and reform policies and procedures to adapt to the change in climate.

Businesses should not presume that what they were doing is right or that their carefully constructed processes work or are even relevant today. We see it all the time, managers doing a lot of talking but not actually listening to those that could have the key to their success.

How do you ensure that your team have the skills required to ensure success? Here at Springboard we do just that, offering flexible blended learning delivery models providing everything leaders of tomorrow need to be a success.

Springboard Training delivers professional and technical education to businesses of all sizes and we welcome any changes that remove obstacles that prevent adults from re-entering higher education and accessing training. By supporting and providing much-needed support to individuals and SMEs and promoting lifelong learning.

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